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Sat Apr 20 15:40:21 UTC 2013

On Sat, 20 Apr 2013 17:05:26 +0200 (CEST), Jacqueline BOITELLE wrote:
> I came to the bsd family because I wanted to find the passions
> annimait me when I discovered the windows computer today is more
> automated security enhancements certe but almost one month after
> it is all out and then crack reliability leaves much wished he
> planted I do it many times without knowing why

Except that many of those "security" aspects don't really work.
They cannot compensate the severe design flaws of "Windows",
which in its heart is a single-user single-task (and nowadays
single-window) system.

FreeBSD is different. Because it is derived from UNIX, it has
a long track of good security through established concepts
and modern implementations.

> I have tested several times linux but I try to be interested but
> I thought it was strange that a messy system certe but pretty
> much by philosophy I especially remember the numerous distributions
> by allieur I do not understand why there was so especially in the
> desktop category

Linux distribution are about choice. Because there is no way to
make a system that pleases everyone, and also because it's hard
to make a certain compilation of software run everywhere, several
different Linusi have emerged. They are different in shells, in
packaging system, in preconfigured and preinstalled applications
and in documentation.

FreeBSD on the other hand is a multi-purpose system. The same OS
can be used on a laptop, on a desktop workstation, on a server,
on a "combined system" (e. g. workstation having server functionalities),
even on embedded. The OS itself is maintained by _one_ body, and
clearly separated from 3rd party applications.

> Then I see a preponderance at the hand of ubuntu which is bizare
> because I think cannonical not very involved in the elaboration
> and the improvements in the Linux kernel community is against the
> levels of market share very strong it is true that when have seen
> open source software there are binary but all too often the meme
> distributions it has remained a meme be compiled

Ubuntu seems to be one of the most prominent Linux distribtions
and therefore is very active in gaining mind share and usage share.

> this is a day that I am in PC-BSD I enjoy clear information and a
> lot of details

It's FreeBSD in its heart, so yes: All the underlying structures
are there, ready to use.

> I am also surprised to hear my pc when I was working on windows

It seems that FreeBSD uses the system's resources more efficiently,
whereas common bloatware requires fans to keep running all the
time, and disks heavily accessing stuff.

> it is true that if one compares the port windows it saddens me
> store windows store has 50,000 applications while the freebsd
> port to have only 20 000 (I think)

And how many of the 50,000 "Windows" applications can you get the
source code for? Can all of them be updated with one command,
without constant hand-holding?

Software ported to FreeBSD usually is of high quality in general.
It's not just the programs, it's also very often the good

> but I see this nice beautiful system used better than the
> distributions for the desktop lighter uses much better all
> for free even if linux is also free implementation has some
> configuration error I is not had a lot of crashes

Troubleshooting is often difficult on Linux. There are situations
where you cannot simply test "a simple change", and getting
information can also be hard because nobody seems to really care.

> PBI system is just great have created a module port, and presto!

PBI is specific to PC-BSD, it's not part of the regular FreeBSD
packaging system.

> have can make a pbi without problem also support HD card ati
> leaves wished I can not play games (I have a ati hd 4670) but
> it is true that I do not yet many experience in this system

It seems that more modern ATI cards don't have the best support,
as I've heared. In comparison, my old ATI Radeon 9200 (AGP card)
has been recognized by the stock (!) "ati" driver being part of
the (obsoleted) XFree86 system, and it had enough 3D power to
allow me to play games.

> there is something else that I tested ~ 2years OPEN-SOLARIS an
> equally brilliant and especially a manufacturing system by sun
> and unfortunately the sun redemption by oracle has changed the
> most open-solaris, more open office today must make a profit and
> it seems to me that there was not much developer who was paid to
> do a job that could have freely modified and make best

I'd like to think that LibreOffice has become the common
replacement for OpenOffice in free software distributions.
Also note: What Oracle touches, that turns into crap. :-(

I wish you fun experiencing FreeBSD. You'll probably learn a
lot which will position you on top of the food chain, compared
to common "Minesweeper Consultant Solitaire Experts". :-)

PS. Am I right to assume that your text has been automatically
    translated? There seem to be "some words" missing. :-)

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
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