How to use acpi_dock?

gabor at gabor at
Thu Apr 18 09:35:25 UTC 2013


I'd like to know, how can somebody use the acpi_dock kernel module?
Do I have to load it from loader.conf, or it's enough from rc.conf?
On a HP laptop, with the acpi_hp module loaded, I can see the state
of docking in the dev.acpi_hp.0.is_docked sysctl. But it doesn't 
if I kldloaded the acpi_dock module or not. At loading time, there 
any kernel message, there aren't any devd notifications from acpi_dock,
there are't any sysctl with _DCK in the name or in the value. (But eg 
a Fujitsu notebook, with the acpi_fujitsu module loaded, there isn't 
information about the docking state; actually the word "dock" can find
only in the acpi_dock and acpi_hp module's source and in 2 comment 
in the main acpi.c file .)


Gabor ZAHEMSZKY < Gabor at Zahemszky dot hu >

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