How to manually start firewall after system completed boot.

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Apr 17 13:06:40 UTC 2013

Joe writes:

>  I have special purpose situation where I need to wait until the boot 
>  process has completed the starting of the system and then start the 
>  firewall (ipfw or pf). Commenting out the firewall statements from the 
>  hosts /etc/rc.conf does stop the firewall from starting at boot time.
>  Is there some format of the service command that could be used to 
>  manually start the selected firewall?
>  Any ideas on how to accomplish this is welcome.

	The "boot process", as used here, is simply a series of calls
to various scripts in /etc/rc.d ... any of which can (theoretically)
be invoked by itself.  The details of this may be important;
_please_ do more research before blowing yourself up.  :-)

					Robert Huff

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