When will binary packages be back?

Mike. the.lists at mgm51.com
Wed Apr 10 20:01:50 UTC 2013

On 4/10/2013 at 3:39 PM Michael Powell wrote:

|Mike. wrote:
|> Additionally, for me, building from ports for me has tended to pull
|> many, many X-windows support files when they are not needed.
|> Specifically, I run a non-windowing system using command line tools.
|> When I tried to compile Samba from ports, I finally killed the
|> stage after three hours of compiling X-windows stuff.
|> Nowhere had I ever spcified that the system was running X or any
|> windowing system.  Yet, there it was, three hours of wasted time.
|In addition to what Jeff has said, for servers where I do not want any
|related stuff I place WITHOUT_X11= yes in /etc/make.conf. In addition
|config option(s), there may also be some default stuff here and there
|Mk files. The make.conf line will short circuit these.
|IIRC there may be some exceptions where you need some (a handful or
|some X related packages. Seem to think of things like gd, imagemagick,

|freetype, etc., for PHP kind of things. In these cases, the make.conf
|will blanket cover most of what you don't want and you can choose make

|config options that will pull in only what you absolutely need without

|starting down the line to everything X-related.

Thanks Jeff and Mike for the assist.  I'll try both those suggestions.

Oddly, I was not presented with the usual port config screen when I ran
the make phase in the ports.   This is on a new install on a newly
formatted disk.   I thought it odd that the was no config screen, but I
chalked it up to something new in the 9.x versions (it was the first
time I installed 9.x).  It also was the first time I ever used portsnap
to obtain and install the ports tree.

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