Youtube & Flash Videos broken?

Polytropon freebsd at
Sun Apr 7 13:40:05 UTC 2013

On Sun, 7 Apr 2013 07:44:30 -0400, Jerry wrote:
> This site:
> <
> plays fine on Windows using either IE or Firefox. It also works on
> Ubuntu. However, it bombs out with FreeBSD and Firefox. I haven't had
> an opportunity to try it on a Linux system yet..

Strange. Very strange. What am I doing wrong for all the years?
Even though this page is slow as (insert slow stuff) on loading
and polluted with ads, it plays totally fine with Opera, installed
in summer 2011. This is since almost 3 years ago.

> Using Flash is way
> harder than it needs to be on FreeBSD.

You are right about this. It should be a selectable (switchable)
function of the browser. Do you have a proprietary plugin to have
text in blue color? One to display PNG images? Another one to
render text centered? No?

If "Flash" is used instead of HTML, or as an excuse for not
being able or willing to use HTML properly, and if lawyers keep
fighting their patent war on codecs, then "Flash" is not the
problem per se - it's the way it is (ab)used.

Imagine you could treat it as a first class browser functionality.
Like displaying images or rendering text. You want to use it?
It's already part of the browser, properly maintained to work
with the browser, indepdent of lower-level system components.
You do _not_ want to see any "Flash" stuff? One click to disable
it. That would be the ideal solution, as it is possible with
_everything else_ except "Flash".

> You hear FreeBSD users who claim
> that they never use Flash, which in itself is an interesting statement.

No, it's not that interesting. For example, I have kept two
browsers in the past: Firefox with no "Flash", and Opera with
"Flash". So whenever a non-"Flash" experience was desired,
I just switched the browser, and no "Flash" has been used.

Also, for specific things, using programs to download video
and then watch it locally with mplayer (much more comfortable
than all those web players) has been possible for many years.

> If it doesn't work, then obviously you cannot take advantage of it. I
> suspect at least 50% of them are liars. The rest are more than likely
> expressing their "sour-grapes" wrath.

That's quite possible.

> The real goal should be to get it working and working correctly and as
> easily as other Operating Systems have.

I actually don't know where the problem is: It _is_ working
correctly and easily as on other operating systems and even
in comparison to "Windows".

> The world is not going to adapt
> to your specifications, you have to adapt to its or else fall by the
> wayside.

And those who _always_ go with the flow will never reach
the source. ;-)

To educated people, "Flash" is just a tool, and they can
answer the question what it is good for, and what it is
not the tool for, and additionally how to properly use it.
Considering that "Flash" has had 4 hits among the top 10
of security threats, like "Gain access to a system and
execute arbitrary code with local user privileges. Gain
access to sensitive data. Highly Critical." and "Gain
access to a system and execute arbitrary code with local
user privileges. Bypass security systems. Gain access to
sensitive data. Extremely Critical.", there might be a
reason not to use it - it depends. It _always_ depends.

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