Debian/kFreeBSD vs linux jail?

Christoph Egger christoph at
Fri Apr 5 08:02:29 UTC 2013


Joshua Isom <jrisom at> writes:
> Considering Debian's ported the "standard Linux userland" to the
> FreeBSD kernel, I'm wondering if it's possible/practical to use Debian
> inside of a jail instead of a Linux CentOS jail, which has been
> documented.  I know some applications are linux specific, but are they
> really linux specific or gnu specific?  I'm going to retry getting a
> printer driver working with cups that had issues with FreeBSD in the
> past, but I don't know if it's FreeBSD userland or FreeBSD kernel that
> caused the quirks. Has anyone tried using Debian's kFreeBSD userland
> inside a jail?  Is it just pointless on a FreeBSD system?

If it is a free software CUPS driver, chances are it is a GNU thing and
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD might work for you. For all the proprietary stuff
(say flash, acrobat, ..) Debian GNU/kFreeBSD usually is worse of than
either GNU/Linux or pure FreeBSD systems (because no comercial vendor
ever builds for this platform).


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