using pax command for archive & restore

Joe fbsd8 at
Fri Apr 5 01:07:56 UTC 2013

I archive using the pax command like this

pax -wzXt -x cpio -f ${archive_path_file} ${ip_path_file} ${ip_path_dir}

and restore

pax -rz -pe -f ${archive_path_file}
and it restores the contents back to the same location it came from 
which is what I want.

Now I would like to restore that archive file to a different directory.

Tried different combinations of flags on the pax command and can't 
figure out the correct combination.

pax -rz -pe -f ${archive_path_file} ${temp_dir}
just gives me a syntax error.

This has to be simple, but I can't see the trees because the forest is 
in the way.
What am I missing here?


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