File permissions - how to "lock" a directory

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> I have a particularly thorny problem I'm trying to solve, but I'll bet
> FreeBSD has a solution.
> I'm running a webserver using suphp.  It's very picky about permissions.
> It wants the web server user (www) to be the owner of all directories and
> files.
> Meanwhile, the site owners want to be able to update and add files to the
> site.  When they update files everything is fine.  When they upload new
> files, the ownership of the file is user:user instead of www:user, so
> apache can't display them.
> Is there a way to "lock" a directory such that all files created in that
> directory are owned by the directory owner?  If not, I'll have to script
> something to change perms after uploads.
> There is the suiddir option, see mount(8) and chmod(2).
Thanks, Adam.  I see now I didn't read chmod(1) closely enough.  I'm now 
using 4770 for directories, and I hope this will solve the problem.

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