Kernel asks only for the first GELI passphrase

Martin Laabs mailinglists at
Fri Sep 28 21:53:44 UTC 2012


I have two partitions encrypted with GELI: ada0s2 and ada0s3. The loader 
(located at an unencrypted part of the harddisk) loads the kernel and the 
kernel asks me for the passphrase for ada0s2 to attach it afterwards.
However - my root file system is not at ada0s2.elia but on ada0s3.elia. 
Since the kernel did no attach ada0s3 (but the ada0s2 partition) it is also 
unable to mount the root filesystem which is somewhat bad.
So - is there a way (i.e. a loader.conf entry) how I can tell the loader 
which partition I wanna have attached with a passphrase?
I tried to look at the code from the loader but did not find the source 
file where the attaching is done.

Thank you,

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