How to use subversion to keep source, system and doc files up to date?

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Fri Sep 28 12:11:09 UTC 2012

[ Warren Block wrote on Thu 27.Sep'12 at 14:11:39 -0600 ]

> Yes.  If a new version of a file conflicts with your local changes, svn 
> will complain and try to help resolve those conflicts.

When I changed to svn, I completely remove or moved (mv(1)) the /usr/ports tree. Created a new /usr/ports and then used svn to pull in the collection. The same for the base course tree in /usr/src. It's my understanding you need to do that first. You can't use a mixed file system tree comprising cvs/csup and svn files. I'm sure Some will correct that if i'm wrong, but that's what I did and i've experienced no problems with it. 

The only noticeable difference is when updating my ports collection with svn, it's slower to update than say portsnap or cvs/csup. But it's not a major issue for me. 

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