svn checkout "head" or "stable"

Ed Flecko edflecko at
Thu Sep 27 22:03:48 UTC 2012

My goal is to simply have a production server that's fully patched,
but I will be running custom kernels (which is why I'm not using
freebsd-update). I've seen a lot of subversion references to checking
out the "head" branch and the "stable" branch.

I understand the "head" branch is the most current, so that's the same
as the "current" branch, right?

If I understand correctly, "most" people will not follow the "current"
branch for production servers.

My goal is to have all of the files I need to rebuild my kernel and my
system after security updates have been released, therefore I should
do something like:

svn co svn:// /usr/src

svn co svn:// /usr/ports

svn co svn:// /usr/doc

This will give me everything I need to recompile and have a fully
patched system, right?

I do not make changes to the src, ports, or doc directories. From that
point forward, as new security patches are released, I can simply:

svn up /usr/src

svn up /usr/ports

svn up /usr/doc

and once again rebuild my kernel and system.

Does this sound correct?


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