How to use subversion to keep source, system and doc files up to date?

Alexandre axelbsd at
Thu Sep 27 09:14:51 UTC 2012

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 12:44 AM, Ed Flecko <edflecko at> wrote:
> Thank you.
> I am using a custom kernel, but you're right - I should have said so.
> :-)
> Do you have any feedback using subversion? I know I can still use
> csup; I'm basically trying to figure out how to subversion to achieve
> the same result.
> Ed

Hi Ed and Polytropon,

Using "freebsd-update" tool does not mean you cannot use a custom
kernel on this machine.
These lines taken from the Handbook confirm this :
The default is to update the source code, the entire base system, and
the kernel.
The freebsd-update utility can automatically update the GENERIC kernel
only. If a custom kernel is in use, it will have to be rebuilt and
reinstalled after freebsd-update finishes installing the rest of the
updates. However,freebsd-update will detect and update the GENERIC
kernel in /boot/GENERIC (if it exists), even if it is not the current
(running) kernel of the system.
Sources :

"freebsd-update" tool works only with -RELEASE, you are right.

Best Regards,

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