FreeBSD 8.x sysisntall dists

Rick Miller vmiller at
Wed Sep 26 18:29:03 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I performed a `make release` with FreeBSD 8.3p4 sources that built a
secondary kernel (called DEBUG).  It ended up in the release inside
kernels/ as expected.  The install.cfg file includes the line:

dists=base kernels GENERIC SMP DEBUG doc catpages

DEBUG was added to the above along with the new release build.  All
distributions get installed with the exception of DEBUG.  In looking
through sysinstall sources (I am not much of a C programmer to begin
with) and it appears as though the sources need to be modified to
support a new DEBUG distribution.

I wonder if you might be able to confirm or refute this...

Take care
Rick Miller

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