Question about tunnelling Ethernet traffic over IPv6 using EtherIP protocol

楊拉斯凱吉 wolkayang at
Mon Sep 24 05:35:31 UTC 2012

Hi, everyone:

I am trying to set up a EtherIP tunnel device to tunnel Ethernet traffic
over IPv6 using EtherIP protocol. I have Freebsd 8.3 runs on a i386
machine, and ipv6 enabled. I tried the commands below but no one works...
ifconfig gif0 create
ifconfig gif0 tunnel 2001:1111::1 2001:1111::10 up
<error messge> ifconfig: SIOCSIFPHYADDR: Address family not supported by
protocol family
ifconfig gif0 tunnel 2001:1111::1/64 2001:1111::10/64 up
<error message> ifconfig: error in parsing address string: host name nor
servname provided, or not known

Could anyone please teach me why it is? I will be very grateful for any
help you can provide.

P.S.1 Both 2001:1111::1 and 2001:1111::10 are faked, I just use them in my
local testing environment.
P.S.2 I have assigned 2001:1111::1/64 on one of ethernet network interface
on Freebsd machine, and there is another PC assigned 2001:1111::10/64.
P.S.3 According to the link(,
Freebsd should be able to provide this feature.

Best regards,

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