FreeBSD, Wine and Borderlands 2

Bob Silver d4rksilver at
Sun Sep 23 14:23:51 UTC 2012


I was wondering if there were any gamers out there and if anyone of you had
tried and had any luck with the game Borderlands 2 on Wine.

I've been trying all day with informations from there:

But nothing seems to do I get passed the launcher (bypassing it because
dotNet stuff don't work well in Wine)

I get company video logos but just before what I believe should be the
intro cinematic, I get a black screen and nothing happens after that)

So if anyone tried and had any luck it would be great to share your
experience :D

P.S. I was using wine 1.5.12 on FreeBSD-9 STABLE amd64 with latest nvidia
drivers from pkgng repo

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