How to configure USB wifi stick?

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Sat Sep 22 19:11:15 UTC 2012

On 22.09.2012 20:59, Fbsd8 wrote:
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>> On 22.09.2012 19:14, Fbsd8 wrote:
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>>>> On 22.09.2012 16:26, Fbsd8 wrote:
>>>>> Looking for howto on configuring a
>>>>> Cisco Linksys AE2500 USB wifi stick.
>>>>> When I plug it in all I get is the USB msg
>>>>> "ugen3.2: <Cisco> at usbus3".
>>>>> FreeBSD handbook does not have section on usb wifi setup.
>>>> Is your USB stick or Chip on hardware list?
>>>> rum and ural driver are for some wifi usb sticks.
>>> NO
>> Have you load bwi driver?
>> it looks like Linksys AE2500 USB use BMC4323 chipset.
> I am running 9.1-RC1 and have no boot loader.conf for any wifi modules.
> Is there some usb.conf file where I can add statement for my USB 
> linksys AE2500 wifi stick so the kernel modules will get auto loaded 
> at first use time?
> If not, what are the boot loader statements I need to add?
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Create loader.conf self.
cd /boot/
edit loader.conf
When you reboot your system and you see, that you only have 3 or 2 
seconds instead 10 your loader.conf will be load.
When i remeber right, put bwi_load="YES" in loader.conf

 From command line you can make "kldload bwi" to load and test it 
without reboot.

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