have desktop on freebsd

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at kode5.net
Sat Sep 22 10:40:53 UTC 2012

[ saeedeh motlagh wrote on Sat 22.Sep'12 at  9:55:47 +0330 ]

> thanks Sean, no X doesn't work correctly for me.
> thanks Brian, but this freebsd box is my develop system and i have to
> work with it and no other OS.
> thanks Michael, i compiled X11 and Gnome from ports.
> I'm thinking to install everything from the beginning if i can not fix
> it in two days.
> thank you every body for your answers

You proven already that X is supported on your system when you used the Xorg -configure command. You got to the default screen that is shown whenusing that method of testing the X server. You have simply just not used the correct driver or you have not set up your X config file properly. 

Do you really need to have Gnome as well? It is a rather bloated destop and you can have a really good development environment without all of the Gnome components. It is, of course, your choice but, personally I'd go for an X environment that is less hassle.

I found a link for you on google, it might be of some use to you. This person has set up Gnome and provided some examples of configuring the system in a way that could help:


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