How do I set number of retries in Firefox?

Dieter BSD dieterbsd at
Fri Sep 21 00:59:11 UTC 2012

>> I have a problem with various parts of web pages stopping
>> before getting completely downloaded. Links has a useful retries
>> setting (setup->network options->retries) which seems to fix
>> this. I need a similar fix for firefox 3.6.2

> Firefox 15
> URL: about:config
> search: retry
> network.http.connection-retry-timeout;250

3.6.2 doesn't have network.http.connection-retry-timeout,
but I found network.http.max-connections and friends,
reducing those should reduce the timeouts.  So far so good.

I would have never guessed to type "about:config" as a URL.
Very useful to know.  Thank you.

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