Can't find kernel, finds slices but no files on them

Fritiof Hedman mail at
Wed Sep 19 21:28:31 UTC 2012

Hi list!

I must warn you, I'm quite new to FreeBSD (I'm mostly using Linux
otherwise). I have inherited an old (yes, very old) BSD 4.7 machine on
my work that I need to clone. I've setuped an identical copy of the
slices on the target machine, ran dump the source machine and restore
on the target machine, edited /etc/fstab to match the filesystems. I'm
also running the GENERIC-kernel, I've done this using the FreeSBIE
live CD.

However, when I boot I get to BTX loader (so I guess boot0 and boot2
is correct), that can't load kernel nor kernel.old. see attached
img1.png . I can't ls, as the loader says there is no such file or
directory (also seen in img1.png).
lsdev gives a correct answer, all slices are there with their correct
size. echo $currdev returns disk1s1a as it should (see attached

Mounting the disks works, and their content is correct, with all file
params set.

Any ideas how to get this target machine to boot?

Thanks in advance,
Fritiof Hedman

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