What replaces csup?

Stas Verberkt legolas at legolasweb.nl
Wed Sep 19 07:04:38 UTC 2012

merlyn at stonehenge.com schreef op :
>>>>>> "Stas" == Stas Verberkt <legolas at legolasweb.nl> writes:
> Stas> On a side note, using Git does mean that everyone has to
> download a complete
> Stas> repository. This makes using a csup-like architecture quite
> Stas> "heavy-weight".
> The entire history of the Linux kernel since switching to git 5 years
> ago is stored in a repo that is *less than half the size* of a single
> current checkout.
> The entire history of the XFree86 project ended up being a repo that 
> was
> only 2-3 times the size of the current checkout.
> Seriously, don't be afraid of git simply because "it has all the
> history".  SVN is already worse because it has a single local backup
> copy for every live file, 2x right there.
I may have been influenced here by the fact that, in KDE, the size 
a problem, due to the large amounts of binary content in the 
(artwork), which is, of course, not the case for FreeBSD.

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