exclude device from bus probe?

jb jb1234abcd at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 14:56:05 UTC 2012

Göran Löwkrantz <goran.lowkrantz <at> ismobile.com> writes:

> We have a system based on Supermicro X7SPA-HF with IPMI connected via a 
> shared 82574L NIC. We are not using this NIC for anything from the OS but 
> the probing and device attach breaks the IPMI connection so bad FBSD don't 
> see any screen during boot. There is no BIOS flag that disables the NIC 
> from the OS, only a HW strap but that dsables the IPMI also.
> ...

I assume you should be able to configure the NIC thru IPMI (quote from
Google-found thread:
... "go to ipmi panel and choose "share" for "Lan Interface" ...).

Btw, after you finished resolving the issue and collecting facts, please 
consider filing a Problem Report with FreeBSD - that device hint disabling em0
and bringing down both em0 and em1 interfaces should be looked at by devs,
I guess - after all, they should be two independent net ports, as they have
two distinct MACs.
I believe you said em0 is LAN, and em1 is IPMI.

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