What replaces csup?

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Tue Sep 18 12:16:35 UTC 2012

On Tue, 18 Sep 2012 05:00:08 -0700
Michael Sierchio articulated:

> We are really behind the curve here.  Git assumes (correctly) that
> disk space is inexpensive, much cheaper per byte than network
> bandwidth.  By the time we adopt SVN completely, every serious project
> I know of will have moved from subversion to git.

If you are going to make a sweeping change anyway, it makes no sense to
do it in a half–assed manned. However, it does appear that in all too
many instances, FreeBSD plays follow the leader rather then taking the
bulls by the horns and getting ahead of the curve. I am sure I'll be
hearing from the "baby steps" choir now. In any event, a comprehensive
side-by-side evaluation of the two should be done by an impartial party.

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