apache 2.2.22_8

Solmin Vladimir vs at celicom.ru
Sat Sep 15 18:13:02 UTC 2012

Im using apache 2.2.22_6 with make options in /etc/make.conf

# apache22
.if ${.CURDIR} == ${PORTSDIR}/www/apache22
WITH_SUEXEC=            YES
SUEXEC_DOCROOT=         /www
SUEXEC_USERDIR=         /www/*/cgi-bin
SUEXEC_LOGFILE=         /var/log/suexec.log

But after svn co /usr/ports today i'm see next:

$portupgrade -arR
** Port marked as IGNORE: www/apache22:
         is marked as broken: WITH/WITHOUT parameters are obsolete. The 
port use the new options NG framework. Please read 

but a don't understand how i must set SUEXEC_DOCROOT, SUEXEC_USERDIR and 
SUEXEC_LOGFILE in NG framework format...

Please help show me how....

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