Sharing COM ports to Windows hosts

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Fri Sep 14 06:22:22 UTC 2012


2012/09/05 09:06:36 +0700 Victor Sudakov <vas at> => To freebsd-questions at :
VS> > Depending on a task I think the most interactive user-friendly solution here is
VS> > a minicom(s) each in its own ssh'ed jail(s).
VS> There is special Windows software for managing Natex MUXes. It works


VS> Solution 2. Using an existing networked FreeBSD box sitting next to
VS> the MUX, it already has COM ports. Advantage: cheap, no additional

ok. no interactivity. But I'm still optimistic about virtualization.

emulators/qemu at the least should be able to run that software and use
com-ports from the master freebsd system at the same time. Then you can you can
use remote access features for workstation access to the software.

VS> doubts ... English is so poor

coffee is your friend (c)

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