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Polytropon freebsd at
Thu Sep 13 22:13:46 UTC 2012

On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 11:29:47 -0400, Gardner Bell wrote:
> What I'm wanting to do is build/installworld from my workstation to a
> remote machine but both have different /etc/src.conf and kernel
> configuration files.  Is there a way to define seperate files so I can
> perform this upgrade without any errors?

I assume that you run i386 _or_ amd64 on both systems.
It's easy to copy the remote machine's /etc/src.conf
to the system you're building on and to _temporarily_
replace the /etc/src.conf of that system. Also copy
the kernel configuration file and put it into the
correct location (/sys/i386/conf or /sys/amd64/conf).

Make sure /usr/obj is empty.

Then use the build and install parameter DESTDIR=
and pay attention to other upgrading steps as listed
in the comment header of /usr/src/Makefile.

Also see The FreeBSD Handbook, section 25.7:

Rgarding /etc/rc.conf, I'm not aware of specifying
a _different_ file name than the default one (i. e.,
what KERNCONF= does to override GENERIC), so maybe
maybe dealing with a symlink in /etc/ would be the
least painful way: src.conf -> src.conf.local (fits
the machine you build on) _or_ -> src.conf.remote
(fits the machine you build for). You could also
create symlinks pointing to their location on the
NFS file system (that the remote machine promotes
to the build system): src.conf -> src.conf.local
(fits the machine you build on) _or_ (now mounted
via NFS) -> /mnt/remotehost/etc/src.conf (fits the
machine you build for); and a similar symlink for
/sys/i386/conf/REMOTE -> /mnt/remotehost/sys/i386/conf/MYKERNEL.

I know that looks ugly, but it's the easies solution
that currently occurs to my mind. :-)

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