svn and/or portsnap

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Wed Sep 12 08:01:21 UTC 2012

Regarding my question,

How do you get the ports tree or svn in that case if not using portsnap?

Helmut Schneider had two suggestions:

> You install ports from CD/DVD. Or use pkg_add -r subversion. :)


I guess I could use the latter and then build subversion among other ports, then subsequently switch to svn.

This would also work, I would guess, if ports tree is installed by bsdinstall or sysinstall.

Question arises whether the ports tree as downloaded in tarball by ftp would be compatible/in sync with portsnap or svn.

If in any doubt, either delete /usr/ports/* or move to /usr/ports-by-ftp and then restart fresh with svn.

I noticed the FreeBSD Handbook ports section was not up-to-date on the use of subversion with the ports tree.

Maybe with subversion now being elevated in importance for updating system source code and ports tree, it could become part of the base system.


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