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Tue Sep 11 12:44:46 UTC 2012

On Tue, 11 Sep 2012 04:15:24 -0400, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> One question comes up that I didn't think of immediately.
> How do you use svn on a fresh install of FreeBSD, no ports yet?
> svn/subversion is not part of the base system.
> How do you get the ports tree or svn in that case if not using portsnap?

As this is an O(1) kind of problem, I'd suggest the easiest
way: Use the package for svn. Install svn via

	# pkg_add -r svn

(or however the svn package is called) and then use it to
incorporate the full ports tree (and maybe also bring your
OS sources to the branch you want, patched RELEASE, STABLE
or HEAD).

Afterwards, upgrade svn with the version from the ports tree
which will possibly be newer. Then continue using ports to
install software as usual.

When CVS was not part of the OS, I went the same way by
installing cvsup-without-x11 (or how the package was called)
to be able to update ports and sources via CVS. Today this
is not needed anymore, as CVS (as csup) is part of the OS.

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