Where are the mechancs of config(8) descibed

Robert Bonomi bonomi at mail.r-bonomi.com
Tue Sep 11 00:30:25 UTC 2012

(This is probably a bit techical for 'questions' -- I'd welcome a suggesstion
of a more appopriae forum.)

Is there a detailed description anywhere of the mechanics of *how* config(8) 
does what it doess?

I'm looking fo the gory detail of how, sayi, 'device bpf' causes the
creation of the file 'opt_bpf.h' containing '#define DEV_BPF 1"

_Part_ of the magic is the sys/conf/files* and sys/conf/options* files,
but their format/content isn't defined anywhee I've found.

rerason for asking -- I want to addd a cutom device driver into the
kernel.  I have sources, and can build the .o,   if i convert it to
a .ko, it loads and run.  *BUT* I want to embed it in the kernel at
build time.

"Somewhere", I have do define 'device foo', specify that that name
adds 'myfoo_sys.o' to the kernel object-files list, and that 
myfoo_sys.o depends on a list of source files, and requires a 
particular sequence of commands to build from those shources.

I know the 'what', just not the 'where' or 'how'.

Any pointers appreciated.

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