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Fri Sep 7 11:21:07 UTC 2012

Darrel wrote:
> Hello,
> When I moved from -fbsd82 to -fbsd90 it required a total reinstall since 
> Packet Filter did not *work* any longer.  Now that I have moved from 
> -fbsd90 to the new release candidate, Packet Filter does not work 
> considering at least IPv6 and ssh.
> I have tested a simple pf.conf on this system with the same result.
> It seems like I will need to learn ipfw or give up on fbsd.
> Darrel
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pf is way back level in Freebsd, the online openbsd pf manual is at the 
current pf level and uses the newer syntax for the nat function. You 
have to use the freebsd pf man pages for correct matching documentation.
You can always use ipf (ipfilter) instead of ipfw.

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