RFC 2385 TCP MD5 support on FreeBSD8.3

Patrick Lamaiziere patfbsd at davenulle.org
Thu Sep 6 15:30:36 UTC 2012

Le Thu, 6 Sep 2012 20:46:53 +0530,
SivaReddy Obili <sivareddy.obili at gmail.com> a écrit :


> Recently I've downloaded the FreeBSD 8.3 Release ISO Image
> (FreeBSD-8.3-RELEASE-i386-dvd1 (1).iso) and installed in our machine.
> Actually our requirement is to check the TCP MD5 support on
> FreeBSD8.3 .
> But we were not able to configure BGP MD5 on that machine.

I've used TCP-MD5 signature for bgp between a FreeBSD 8.x and OpenBSD,
using setkey(8) to enforce the signature between the peers. That
worked (of course, then you shouldn't use tcp-md5 in openbgd).

add -4 peer1 peer2 tcp 0x1000 -A tcp-md5 "PASSWORD";
add -4 peer2 peer1 tcp 0x1000 -A tcp-md5 "PASSWORD";

# In order to enable IPSEC you MUST also add device crypto to 
# your kernel configuration
options IPSEC  #IP security (requires device crypto)
device  crypto
options TCP_SIGNATURE #include support for RFC 2385

You should check that the signature is checked (ie if the signature is
bad, bgpd rejects the connection), I've not test this.


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