Auto-mounting sshfs from /etc/fstab

OriS site.freebsd at
Wed Sep 5 17:38:55 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I've been trying to find a page on the Internet where an example is posted
explaining how to mount sshfs from /etc/fstab, but I can't find any!

I'm on 9.1-PR amd64 and I've installed Fuse and sshfs, I have enabled Fuse
in rc.conf and I can see /dev/fuse. Furthermore, using sshfs from the
command line, I am even able to mount the remote file system.

I can manually mount the remote file system using:

*sshfs user at host:/ /mnt*

Then, I do 'mount -p' and get:

*/dev/fuse0  /mnt  fusefs.sshfs  rw,sync  0  0*

This isn't sufficient for mounting/unmounting from fstab since it's missing
the authentication details I've used in sshfs.

So.. the question is: How to add the authentication details to /etc/fstab
so that I can mount the sshfs just by using:

*mount /mnt*

Thanks in advance, and kindly Cc me on your replies!


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