asking for help about "acpi_tz0: _CRT value is absurd, ignored (256.0C) "

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Sep 5 15:42:39 UTC 2012

Warren Block <wblock at> writes:

> On Tue, 4 Sep 2012, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>> "chiehhan" <chiehhan at> writes:
>>> To whom may concern,
>>> I am a greenhorn in the field of freebsd.And when I install
>>> Freebsd9.0 on my laptop HP NX6330,a control spam "acpi_tz0: _CRT
>>> value is absurd, ignored (256.0C)"occurs.
>>> I learned some reference about sysctl and revised the configure file sysctl.conf,adding two lines below into sysctl.conf:
>>> hw.acpi.thermal.user_override=1
>>> hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._CRT=110.0C
>>> but the control spam remains.
>>> I read the source code about acpi_thermal.c,but still have no idea
>>> about how to solve this problem.I am a little desperated and turn
>>> freebsd-questions at for help.Would you please send me a
>>> solution?
>> A solution to what problem? The "ignored" message isn't a problem on its
>> own; do you think it causing some other trouble that you didn't describe?
> I have a similar HP system.  That message is logged a couple of times
> a minute, hiding other messages in the logs and making them roll over
> quickly.  That particular system is a Pentium D which wasn't really
> worth much effort, but it would still be nice to see this annoyance
> fixed.

Yes, I would agree that a repeated message is much more of an annoyance
than having it just happen once at boot time. With a Pentium D, there
probably isn't a core temperature monitor at all (I *think* that's true
for all of them, but it's definitely true for some), so you just want to
turn the messages off.

Unfortunately, I can't browse sources now, but I think that what happens
might be controlled by events going through devd. If that's correct, you
should be able to add an event rule to drop events related to your
non-existant thermistor (or delete one that already exists). You also
might be able to change the polling period for the thermal device.

Good luck.

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