portsnap Generating a "Bad file descriptor" Error Message

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at kode5.net
Tue Sep 4 19:51:24 UTC 2012

[ Pierre-Luc Drouin wrote on Tue  4.Sep'12 at 10:14:18 -0400 ]

> Hi,
> so I have been having problems using portsnap lately. I always get a "Bad
> file descriptor" message when trying using it on one of my i386 machine:
> Looking up portsnap5.freebsd.org mirrors... none found.
> Fetching snapshot tag from portsnap5.freebsd.org... done.
> Fetching snapshot metadata... done.
> Fetching snapshot generated at Mon Sep  3 20:04:44 EDT 2012:
> 86abb3c6f24b24e7fdadda42805f9ae38f487177dcb949  0% of   67 MB    0  Bps
> fetch:
> http://portsnap5.freebsd.org/s/86abb3c6f24b24e7fdadda42805f9ae38f487177dcb9493f5e0cb4f792490b2f.tgz:
> Bad file descriptor
> fetch:
> 86abb3c6f24b24e7fdadda42805f9ae38f487177dcb9493f5e0cb4f792490b2f.tgz: Bad
> file descriptor
> I tried fsck -y the /var, /tmp and /usr partitions and everything seems
> fine. What could the problem be?
I'm not getting that error but I am getting these:

	sort: write failed: standard output: Broken pipe
	sort: write error

Unrelated i'd imagine but seems portsnap has some issues?


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