Error after upgrading to php 5.4.6

Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at
Mon Sep 3 12:03:25 UTC 2012

On 09/03/2012 01:26 PM, Darrell Betts wrote:
> My php pages will no longer render in a web browser after upgrading to php 5.4.6. Used port upgrade to do this. Running apache 2.2.22_6.
> Checked the error log and this is what I receive
> [notice] child pid 38232 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
> This does this on all php pages.
> Any idea how to fix this error?
> Thanks_______________________________________________
I had the same issue on a 8.3-STABLE machine.
On other machines php is still at 5.4.3 and does not have this problems.

On the machine where 5.4.6 gave the problems I completely removed php and 
installed lang/php53 (5.3.16) which solved the issue

If you are using portmaster -b to update ports, then a backup of the 
previous port will be in /usr/ports/packages and you can reinstall the 
previous version


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