Sharing COM ports to Windows hosts

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Sep 3 07:29:23 UTC 2012

Eric Masson wrote:
> > There is a FreeBSD box with several RS232 ports. Can those ports be
> > accessed by Windows hosts over the network? Actually, does anyone
> > have a success story for such a scenario?
> Yes, sredird on the FreeBSD box & NetDialout from PCMicro on the Windows
> box.

Oh, NetDialout is commercial software, but thanks anyway.

> > There is some software like comms/serialoverip, comms/tits etc but are
> > there any (freeware) Windows virtual COM port drivers compatible
> > therewith?
> com0com Project's com2tcp may be what you're expecting.

At least it has an example of an RFC 2217 client (COM port to TCP
redirector) in its README file. Thanks again, will look at it. 

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