yelp could not be built because of libxul dependency (10.0 vs. <2)

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Wed Oct 31 09:25:18 UTC 2012

from Ewald Jenisch <a at>:

> I'm trying to get my system up2date using portupgrade as usual.
> However during the upgrade process I ran into a problem during upgrade
> of yelp:

> ===>   yelp-2.30.2_4 depends on package: libxul<2 - not found
> ===>   Found libxul-10.0.10, but you need to upgrade to libxul<2.

> UPDATING has an entry for www/libxul of 20120910 that says

> "...If you want to stay with 1.9.2..."

> So in order to make yelp build again, does this mean I've got to
> de-install libxul-10.0.10 and install /usr/ports/www/libxul19 again?

> Thanks much in advance for your help,
> -ewald

I posted a message on this same issue with gnash and mentioned also yelp.

In the case of gnash, libxul19 is supposed to install a file
but libxul-10.0.9 doesn't.

Maybe the yelp port wants/needs this file too?

That was only a few days ago, maybe libxul was updated to 10.0.10 just a day
or two ago?

libxul19 wouldn't install, both because of conflict with libxul and because
libxul19 was marked vulnerable.

So I appear stuck until they fix this bug.  File a bug report?


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