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Peter Vereshagin peter at vereshagin.org
Mon Oct 29 10:40:19 UTC 2012


2012/10/29 10:31:31 +0100 Karol Buja??ek <bujackar at fel.cvut.cz> => To freebsd-questions at freebsd.org :
KBe> On 10/29/2012 7:50 AM, Peter Vereshagin wrote:
KBe> > I think this can be implemented as a 'metaport'. You may try to make
KBe> > it yourself or ask someone else e. g., me.
KBe> Do you mean something like misc/instant-server in ports? I never use 
KBe> that port, only noticed some days ago. Maybe this can be used/ajdusted?

Probably to copy from an existing portto create a new one isn't a best idea but
prehaps it is a good start to get the things done.

About the what I know to be exactly a 'metaport' is lang/php5-extensions.

Why not just keep a list of ports or packages? I believe the modern management
tools (portmaster/portupgrade) can install them smoothly in one command.

If the what you want is a binary package then what if the 'pkgng' stuff has or
will have such a feature: to bundle a metaport in a package?

And, the pc-bsd (http://www.pcbsd.org) seem to have such an AMP package out of
the box (or downloaded via its package manager)

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