Why RELENG_9 branch is labeled as PRERELEASE and freebsd.org says FreeBSD is currently at 9.1-RC2 ?

Patrick Lamaiziere patfbsd at davenulle.org
Sun Oct 28 21:36:31 UTC 2012

Le Sun, 28 Oct 2012 11:48:19 -0700,
Yuri <yuri at rawbw.com> a écrit :

> > RELENG_9 should be called 9-STABLE, if you want 9.1 use RELENG_9_1
> Hm, if they wanted to keep RELENG_9 as "stable" 9.X branch, why then 
> 9.1-PRERELEASE is there? Is PRERELEASE considered more stable than
> RC? This looks strange to me.

This is because of the release process. At some point (beta) the
"stable" branch (RELENG_9 here) is named -PRERELEASE. After (for
release candidate) a new branch (RELENG_9_1) is created and named
9.1-XXX. This branch will be the 9.1 release and changes should be only
bug fixes. RELENG_9 continues its own way.

So yes, RELENG_9 "should" be named 9-STABLE. That will be fixed after
the release. I guess nobody takes the time to change the name or they
are too busy with the release of 9.1.


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