Problem with libpng + Mozilla applications on FreeBSD 8.3

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Oct 26 19:06:09 UTC 2012

On Sat, 27 Oct 2012 00:06:44 +0530, Manish Jain wrote:
> Hello Polytropon,
> Thanks for replying.
>  > Maybe an update of FF and TB would be sufficient, so it can link
>  > to the present (or at least expected) libraries accordingly.
> Maybe I did not make it clear enough in the original message. The only 
> thing I installed from the installation DVD was the OS and the GNOME2 
> metaport. Everything else including FF and TB was installed from ports, 
> the tarball of which I downloaded just a couple of days back. I hope you 
> are not suggesting that I build the GNOME2 metaport too from the ports 
> directory : with my internet connection, that really would take me into 
> the next century.

Exactly that would have been the preferred solution. :-)

> > You should not manually copy things. At some point, something will
> > crash, and the ports infrastructure cannot take care of it. It's
> > easier to use a port management tool (like portmaster) to deal
> > with installing and updating of ports.
> For the present issue, it seems logical that I would need 2 versions of 
> libpng : one for GNOME and one for the ports being installed. Having the 
> two versions reside independently in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib seems 
> to be the only way out. I still must admit that it defeats the purpose 
> of having port management tools.

It also blurs the line between OS (/usr/lib) and additional
software (/usr/local/lib) directories. However, both directories
are used by the linker, so it looks possible (and probably better
than messing with symlinks in /usr/local/lib). Problems _might_
occur when updating world.

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