Problem with libpng + Mozilla applications on FreeBSD 8.3

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Fri Oct 26 14:33:35 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I recently purchased a laptop (Intel Pentium dual core) and installed 
FreeBSD 8.3-i386 on it using the 'All' canned distribution. I then 
downloaded the latest ports tarball and started building them.

Some of the ports required a newer version of the graphics/png port, so 
I did a deinstall and reinstall in graphics/png. This removed the 
previous binary and placed version in its 
stead. Things went wrong here - the GNOME desktop started crashing with 
the panel not working and practically all desktop icons gone. So I 
guessed  that the canned version of GNOME in the installation DVD had a 
dependency on

I reinstalled FreeBSD 8.3, and copied /usr/local/lib/ to 
/usr/lib/ before building the ports a second time. This time 
things went a lot more smoothly. GNOME works. But Mozilla applications 
like Firefox and Thunderbird present a peculiar problem - the buttons on 
the Tool bar/Menu bar do not have any image on them. While this is not 
exactly a catastrophe, it is rankling to say the least. Maybe some 
gentleman has faced this problem and has sorted it out. If anyone can 
provide a hint on how to fix the problem, I would be grateful indeed.

Thank you &

Manish Jain
bourne.identity at

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