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i have a very strange Problem with my new Workstation.

The Problem is the order of the sata controllers.

The Mainboard has 6 sata Ports and i have a PCI-Express Card with 4 more
sata Channels.

I boot from a SSD connected to port 0 in the Mainboard.
Channels 1-3 are additional Harddisks and 5 is a optical drive.

I've a Hotswap-Bay for 3 SATA Drives the bay is connected to the
PCI-Express Card SATA Channel.

The Problem is that, if there is a Drive in one of the HotSwap Bays the
PCI-Express controller is detected as ahci0 and the onboard is detected
as ahci1. Therefore any drives in the HotSwap Bays become ada0-3 and the
drives on the mainboard controller are the upper numbers which causes
the boot to fail as the Root Partition isn't there where it's expected.
The BIOS has the PCI-Express Card as second Card only so the Kernel is
Booted but the RootFS is not Found.

So Far i could have set some devices.hints entries to sort the scsi
busses. But the problem is that if there are no drives in the Bays the
PCI-Expresscard is detected as ahci1

Is there a way to ensure that the onboard SATA Controller is always
probed first.


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