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Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Thu Oct 25 19:45:10 UTC 2012

On 25/10/2012 20:19, Ashkan Rahmani wrote:
> How I can update system completely some thing like apt-get dist-upgrade in
> Debian?

You can't.  With FreeBSD it's always a two step thing, because it has
the distinction between the base system and ported software.

You probably want freebsd-update(8) for updating the base system, as
that's downloading pre-compiled updates, similar (in a very loose way)
to apt-get.  The man page will answer most, if not all, or your
questions.  There are other ways: see the Handbook for details, but
these all involve compiling the OS from source.  Not a bad or
particularly difficult thing, but time-consuming.

For updating the ports: there's the well established method, which is to
update the ports tree using portsnap(8) and then rebuild any out of date
ports: use portmaster(8) for that.  (There are other alternatives to
both those programs, but I reckon those are the best to get started with.)

Then there is pkgng.  This is a binary package manager -- pretty much
the most apt-get like thing in FreeBSD at the moment.  However pkgng is
brand new,  currently the focus of much active development and still
considered pretty experimental.  pkgng itself works pretty well (even if
I say so myself) but what is lacking at the moment is the package
building infrastructure to provide it with a comprehensive standard
repository of all the software available from ports for all supported
architectures and OS versions.  If you're running one of the 9.x
releases on AMD64 or i386 and pkgbeta happens to contain exactly the
package set you want, then you're in luck.  If not, then you're back to
compiling all the ports yourself and setting up your own repo.

Last, and really not recommended at all, you could use the existing
pkg_tools binary packages. This, however, is a trap for the newbies and
leads to much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Especially if you try and
mix stuff you compiled yourself and the pre-compiled packages.



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