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> Erich Dollansky <erichfreebsdlist <at>> writes:
> > ...  
> > Just check how a custom kernel is build. You can then build three
> > versions of it. One with nothing, one with the modules you want and
> > one with the non-conflicting modules build-in.
> > 
> > Just read the handbook regarding custom kernels.
> > ...
> I have already read all docs :-)
> The problem is I still do not get it ...
ok, the I hope that I will get what you want.

> I understand that files sys/conf/NOTES and sys/<arch>/conf/NOTES
> contain directive lines like 'device', 'options', 'machine', 'ident',
> 'maxusers', 'makeoptions'  etc that the user may place in the kernel
> configuration that she will run config(8) with.
Yes, taken them as examples.

> What is the specific mechanism (directive in GENERIC file, or

You copy GENERIC into a new file i.e. ALLOPTIONS and set then is this
file the options you want.

You would need three files like this. ALLOPTIONS, NOOPTIONS and
MYOPTIONS as an example.

NOOPTIONS would then contain all options removed which you do not want.
Be careful here as you might get a kernel which will not boot anymore.

MYOPTIONS will contain then the options you would like to have in your

Of course, you can use any other names you want to use.

> something else in GENERIC file or elsewhere) that says build support
> for cd9660 fs as built-in and ext2fs as module, or entire kernel as

The modules are always build, at least to my knowledge. So, you do not
need any options for this. You just need to load them later.

> built-in, or entire kernel as modular (except things that must be
> built-in, but then what things and where is this specified) ?

Did you get what I wrote up there or was this not what you want to do?


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