Samba and handbook

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Tue Oct 23 12:30:03 UTC 2012

According to

One can use


Or, for fine grain control:



> 20121022:
>   AFFECTS: users of net/samba36
>   AUTHOR: timur at
>   Startup rc.d/samba script was modified to address some problems with the
>   fine control of supplimentary daemons. As a side effect now it's always
>   necessary to specify in rc.conf:
>   samba_enable=YES
>   to get the script working. You can still control each of the daemons
>   individualy, by disabling/enabling them with:
>   nmbd_enable=NO
>   smbd_enable=NO
>   winbindd_enable=YES

The Handbook information is out of date because of this and should be 

thanks :-)


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