'svn up' problem on amd64

Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Sun Oct 21 10:17:57 UTC 2012

On 21/10/2012 07:35, Darrel wrote:
> Advice?  I have not seen this before:
> (685) @ 2:22:16> cd /usr/src
> (686) @ 2:22:18> svn up
> Updating '.':
> Skipped 'sys' -- Node remains in conflict
> At revision 241794.
> Summary of conflicts:
>   Skipped paths: 1
> (687) @ 2:22:43>

For some reason svn thinks your local copy of sys conflicts with the
copy from the repo.  That could happen if you have local patches or
similar, but svn would usually prompt you to merge any such.  Also this
seems to have affected people completely innocent of any such changes.

Assuming you've checked out the stable/9 branch then I think this
(untested) command should resolve the problems:

   # cd /usr/src
   # svn merge --accept theirs-full ^/stable/9

Use 'svn info' to see what the URL setting for your repo is -- you can
just paste that in as is instead of '^/stable/9', or you can use the
shorthand '^' which stands for the text from the 'Repository Root'
setting plus the rest of the URL string.

Note that the 'theirs-full' method of resolving conflicts will tend to
wipe out any local changes you may have.  If that is a concern, then you
could try using the 'edit' method instead.  (As the name suggests, this
puts you in an editor showing the conflicting merge results, and
requires you to edit things into what the result of the mmerge should
have been.)



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