OT: gEDA, SPICE, electronic cad/simulation

Bernt Hansson bah at bananmonarki.se
Fri Oct 19 12:34:38 UTC 2012

2012-10-18 12:40, Da Rock skrev:
> On 10/16/12 20:38, Bernt Hansson wrote:
>> 2012-10-14 14:26, Da Rock skrev:
>>> I'm struggling with this damn gEDA/SPICE thing - I think I have gEDA
>>> schem figured, but I can't be sure because I can't test it. For the life
>>> of me I can't seem to get my head around it, but then I might just be
>>> too tired.
>>> Can anyone point out what I'm missing? I open geda, create a sch file
>>> (circuit), and then run gnetlist -g spice-sdb <sch-file>. I then run
>>> ngspice (or gspiceui) but it comes up with errors over the 555 (U1) and
>>> diodes (d?) I'm running like this:
>> You are using the spice models for those components?
>> geda does not have spice models for diodes and 555 at least not mine.

> That may be it. Where are they supposed to be located on FreeBSD?

If it where up to me /usr/local/share/geda/spice but it is not up to me,
that directory does not exist.

> And I suppose I would need to find where I can get them in the first place :)

Well, my guess is gnu.org. I'm not at the office right now, maybe later 
so I can't check the url.

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