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On Sat Oct 13 20:04:28 2012, Doug Hardie wrote:
> I sent a PR using send-pr earlier today.  However, after having sent it and received a line that said it was submitted, I realized I didn't include my email address.  Somehow I completely overlooked that. I have been waiting for it to show up in the on-line indexes, but it hasn't so far.  How long does that process normally take?  I am wondering if it was just dropped because of the lack of the email address.
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Hi Doug,

Check your outbound mail queue, and perhaps it is stuck in there.
Also, look at the send-pr man page and the use of the PR_FORM
environment variable.  You can create a default send-pr template, save
it as a file and put the filename in PR_FORM.  The next time you start
send-pr, your PR will be populated from the template.

Hope that helps,

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