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Start Your Own Business, Learn How to Sell Online and Grow with!

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        What our happy customer says: 

        "I am so glad that I gave it a try and attended Lelong's e-commerce classes.
  Before attend the classes, I guess it should be a boring/will feel sleepy in the class because quite some time did not attend any class since out from collage. 
 But in actual, it was NOT! It was fun & interesting as both speakers Adrian & Hafiz are "funny" & give a lot of "Personal tips" and make the class so interesting and both speakers are great & very helpful! 

Especially Adrian, he can talk talk talk without seeing the slide, but the slides are always matched with the topic he is talking. 
 I really learn a lot from them like how to do sourcing, marketing, how to take a nice product photo, how to choose a suitable courier service, how to provide good customer service, how to setting up and start selling. 
 I really have FULL of confident to start selling after attend the classes. I dare to say, this is the BEST E-Commerce Class in the market. You must regret if you missed it. Surprising!!  I got my FIRST’s SALES in 2 days after I start selling in Lelong!” 

          ~ Anthony –  


        "Satisfied. Very satisfied. I can't find a more appropriate word to describe how I feel about the services provided by


The FREE training class was really very useful, and not boring at all! Learned things that brought a whole new perspective into my business! is a user-friendly marketplace for both buyers and sellers. I am now able to conclude a sale without much hassle!

The inventory system is quick, efficient and accurate especially for my sort of business where my inventories are fast moving.

Thanks and all the team members who helped me along the way!” 


          ~ Joanne –  



        Seller Tips : 4 Mistakes to Avoid on E-Commerce Previous Activity:  

        What makes great ecommerce site aesthetics, layout, and even features are a matter of opinion. But there are some things that simply are not smart for online retailers.


          Online retail sites have a distinct job: selling something. While site design can be a matter of taste, I believe there are at least a few things to avoid regardless.  

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             Tiny Fonts 
             Poor Graphic Design 

             No Shipping Quote 
             Broken Links 




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