Building Ports: Is there a "make" equivalent for --batch ?

Jerry jerry at
Mon Oct 8 10:47:22 UTC 2012

On 8 Oct 2012 02:42:33 -0000
John Levine articulated:

> >    ... Note that setting the BATCH environment variable to yes will
> > answer yes to any prompts during this process, removing the need
> > for manual intervention during the build process.
> >
> >(This was said with respect to upgrading ports via portupgrade.)
> Or you can use portmaster, which runs through all the ports first and
> does the config dialogs before starting the rebuild.  There are stil
> a few places it can get stuck, but many fewer than portupgrade.
> Portmaster is worth a look just out of amazement. It is a 4,000 line
> shell script.

While you are at it, you might want to give "portmanager" a spin. While
it can be a bit of a monster when used with the "-p" flag, I have found
it capable of fixing problems and building ports that portupgrade and
potmaster both choked on. As always, read the documentation thoroughly

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