New User to FreeBSD

alwin doss alwindoss84 at
Sun Oct 7 07:17:27 UTC 2012


Let me be honest at the outset, I have never used an operating system other
than linux with enthusiasm.
But something about Linux always troubled me "It's licensing", "such
complex family of distributions which are so different from each other".

Which is when I came across FreeBSD. I fell in love with it, but yes I have
never used it yet, I have tried many times to install it, but the
installation process is really hard, I must say.
I really want to install it on my laptop and all my systems.
Added to the above interests of mine, I am a C++ and java developer. I want
to use this talent that God's has blessed me with in this community.

I want to begin with FreeBSD's very own GUI. Not depending on anyone
(Gnome, KDE or....) I want it to be soooooo good that a commoner shoule be
able to work with it with ease and feel safe and secure.

So if someone could guide me about how to get started with contributing to
FreeBSD it would be great. Please do reach out to me for more details if
you need that is!!!
Send me links that will get me started with FreeBSD I am all excited for
this new journey to begin.

Alwin Doss
God's Beloved

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